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About us

Duarser ApanjanThe Duarser Apanjan, assembled under the leadership of the present secretary had decided to establish Duarser Apanjan, Alipurduar in the year 2001-02. The society has been registered, in the society Regd. Act. Govt. of W.B. vides Regd. No. S/1L/6310 dt.06-11-2001.

The Duarser Apanjan could not receive any type of fund from govt. of W.B., govt. of India & other private trust. Till running the organisation to collect donation from public and member. Now the 40(forty) a group of energetic youth & local people to help for social welfare activities. Our project area has no Modern (Latest) Health institute. But our area covered many type of “JANAJATI”- Santhal, Mech, Rava, Munda, Dukpa, Nepali, Gorkha, Lepcha, Mog & one types of name “TOTO Jati”. The area of our projects covered by the forest, Tea garden & Hill place. Many type of undeveloped person resides in the forest and Tea garden area. They could not achieve Modern Health Facility, Education & Drinking Water. “Our goal” tries to our level based for the “Promotion of sustainable development of the people in need”.